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S09E22 – Room 101 Revisited

This week we’re returning to the place where all the things that the worst things in the world can be quietly removed from existence. Join us as we argue our cases for a variety of things that we would like to put into Room 101.

S09E21 – Behind the Curtain (Actors, Writers & Directors)

On this week’s show we end our month-long peek behind the production curtain. Join us as we find out why superhero costumes are more important than the person wearing them, why a director is so important to any production, and why good animated stories are

S09E20 – Behind the Curtain (Apparel)

First, congratulations to the winner of our “The Walking Dead” competition (Mike Barr from Stratford-upon-Avon), who has received brand new PS4 retail versions of both Season 1 (including 400 days), and Season 2 – courtesy of Avanquest and Telltale Games. This week we continue our

S09E19 – Behind the Curtain (Audio)

Continuing our peek behind the production curtain, this week we’re taking a dive into the world of sound. Join us as we find out more about the art of foley, the power of the music in other media, and more besides. Reviews – Kara no

S09E18 – Behind the curtain (Visuals)

Once again we’re braodcasting from our secret underground lair, and this week we begin our month-long look at the production side of the entertainment industries. Join us for a peek behind the curtain. Reviews – PES 2015 (PS4), Kara no Kyoukai (Garden of Sinners) Movie

S09E17 – Even More Reviews ‘n’ Stuff

This week we’re broadcasting from our secret underground lair which is only partially complete (we still need to install the pool for the sharks with lasers, the disco ball and the giant Mousetrap set, and we need to stock the gift shop. Oh, and apologies

S09E16 – Unalive and Undead

On this week’s episode we take a walk with a few resurrected creatures, and somewhere along the way we made a remarkable discovery – the opposite of “undead” isn’t “alive” or “dead”, but actually a state called “unalive” (basically any creature that doesn’t fulfil the

S09E15 – The Source

Apologies for the long delay with the shows. There’s some big changes taking place behind the scenes, but we’ll be up to speed soon. In the meantime we’re catching up with the last few shows – beginning with our look at the origins of some

S09E14 – Horror

We’re dedicating the month of October to our favourite event of the year – Halloween! Join us as we kick things off with a dive into the world of horror. Reviews – Alien: Isolation (PS3), Natural Doctrine (PS3), The Discworld Graphic Novels (The Colour of

S09E13 – Equality

This week we’re investigating some of the ongoing prejudices that exist within entertainment media, so join us as we find out more about equality. Reviews – Disney Infinity 2.0 (PS4), Ar noSurge (PS3), The Star Wars (Graphic Novel), Shadows of Mordor (PS4). This week’s news