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Continuing our month long look at various aspects of horror and the supernatural, this week we decided to revisit the impending zombie apocalypse. Join us as we  find out what actually counts as a zombie, and we also give a few tips on what to

S07E11 – Body Horror

We decided to do something a little different in the run-up to Halloween this year by looking at a different aspect of horror and the supernatural each week. On this episode we take a wander through the realms of body horror. Reviews – Fate/Stay Night:

S07E10 – Codgertation and Geriaction

Isn’t it a joy to grow older? The mind gets sharper while everything else starts to fall apart. Unfortunately not everyone is as whimsical when it comes to age-related issues, which is one of the reasons why older characters in games aren’t as common as

S07E09 – Tokyo Games Show & Review Day 2

This week we decided to find out what the Eastern games market is looking forward to over the coming year. With it also being a major release week we certainly had plenty of stuff to review, so join us as we take a virtual wander

S07E08 – Revenge of the Babysat

On this week’s show we decided to take a look at the role that children play in entertainment media. Join us as we find out what happened to children’s cartoons, what makes a good videogame child character, and why Hollywood keeps insisting on adding kids

S07E06 – Review Day

This week we’re overwhelmed with the sheer number of games, movies and anime that we’re being released, so we decided to dedicate a show to the reviews of all of those titles you’ve been waiting for. We also took the opportunity to do a post-con

S0E05 – ONECon 2013 Special

We’re big fans of conventions in the North of England so it’s only natural that we were eager to witness the birth of a new one – and to make things even better it was in our home town! The ONECon committee gave us a

S07E04 – The Noughties

The previous decade saw a lot of changes in entertainment media thanks to the constant evolution of technology. With so many things to watch, play and read we thought we should find out what actually defined the period from 2000 to 2009, so join us

S07E07 – On Safari

Working with animals isn’t an easy job, but when the creatures also play a part in a movie, game, or even animation then the problems faced reach a whole new level. Who can forget classic TV moments like the Blue Peter elephant, numerous news bloopers

S07E03 – Generations

Please Note: the competition mentioned in this episode has closed! Earlier this year both Sony and Microsoft presented the world with the details of the PS4 and the Xbox One, but away from all the flashbulbs and carefully rehearsed speeches we began to consider the