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Double Face “A Crime Drama in Giallo Clothing”

I haven’t come across any Gialli films that have bored or frustrated me. Whether it is The Red Queen Kills Seven Times or Blood and Black Lace, they have strong qualities that make each film absorbing. Whether that’s eye-popping colour cinematography, a strong mixture of

Classic Film Kid: The Shining (1980)

CONTAINS SPOILERS Hi everyone, it’s the Classic Film Kid here with another review, and today, we are stepping back into true classic territory as we are looking at Stanley Kubrick’s thriller/horror The Shining, “adapted” from the book of the same name by Stephen King. Taking

John Woo: Last Hurrah for Chivalry & Hand of Death

Near the end of Hand of Death, a band of brothers come together and hatch a plan to finally defeat their adversary, a traitor to our hero’s Shaolin brotherhood. Playing the least substantial parts in this four-person crew are a young Jackie Chan and John

The Captor: “True Crime a la Blumhouse”

The last time Ethan Hawke played a role as flamboyantly as he does in Robert Budreau’s new film, he was playing a character named “Jolly the Pimp” in a Luc Besson space opera. Hawke’s Kaj Hansson is a stetsoned, Bob Dylan-obsessed ball of energy from