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The Big Clock: “Rocket & Charles Laughton powered noir”

A good extra can take your appreciation of a movie to a whole new level. On Arrow Academy’s newly issued [the] Big Clock, Simon Callow has done just that with his video appreciation of Charles Laughton’s performance as the despotic magazine magnate, Janoth. Callow goes

Breaking the Limits: “punkish Polish biopic”

Those paying attention to the British box office top ten will have noticed something unexpected creeping in over the last few years, a hardy microflora springing up in between the usual mix of franchises by Disney and franchises by studios bought out by Disney. For

Prospect: “The sci-fi wannabe that couldabeen”

The press release that accompanied this indie sci-fi film heralds it as the best since Moon (Duncan Jones, 2009). That film, a decade ago, reminded us exactly what sci-fi is all about. Taking a human circumstance, and imagining what toll the future takes upon it.