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Ruined Heart: Another Love Story Between A Criminal & A Whore

Philippine director Khavn De La Cruz collaborates with Wong-Kar Wai alumni DP Christopher Doyle for Third Windows latest in an exceptionally difficult film to pigeon-hole due its outright evasion of genre convention. On its surface, Ruined Heart: Another Love Story between a Criminal & a

Andrew Kötting: By Our Selves

It is a bright, sunny day some time in 2014, and Eden Kötting is alive. She is drawing on a transparent sheet with a big black felt tip, and explaining how powerful people are all fools. This simple set-up is the basis for This Illuminated

All My Good Countrymen

A rural, bawdy, political epic with magical realist fringes, full of drinking, singing and close-ups on weathered peasant faces, Vojtěch Jasný’s 1968 film All My Good Countrymen is exactly the sort of thing some people think of when you talk about classic European cinema. Following

Song of the Sea

There is a problem in British Cinema and it’s the relationship with its own mythology and history; go to Korea, Japan, Scandinavia or India and you’ll find numerous movies, cartoons, comic books and other paraphernalia devoted to traditional folklore. British Cinema is more captivated by

The Firemen’s Ball

If you’re intrigued by the current cinephile chatter about the Czechoslovak New Wave and you’re looking for a good place to start, you couldn’t do much better than Arrow’s new reissue of Miloš Forman’s second film. The Firemen’s Ball is as formally precise and tightly

The Ladykillers – 60th Anniversary Edition

Few cinematic institutions rival Ealing Studios; the only similar shadows are cast by British Horror emblem Hammer and the name inseparable from Chinese Martial Arts in the Shaw Brothers. Between 1930 and 1959, the West London studio bore cinematic fruit that not only stands up

Night and the City

Renowned and respected in his own time, but outside of the critical fraternity Jules Dassin is teetering on being forgotten in ours. Between Arrow Films, Eureka and now the BFI, the pinnacle of the UK home video market are doing their very best to bring him

Black Girl/Borom Sarret

Black Girl and Borom Sarret, the two films by Ousmane Sembène included on this new BFI release, are historic films. That’s not a value judgement, that’s a statement of fact. A documentary-style account of a day in the life of a troubled wagon driver, Borom


There aren’t many measures by which Sean Connery’s career could be considered a failure, but he has his Achilles heels, chiefly his self-admitted failure to understand science fiction and fantasy. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a project which persuaded him after nearly half a century

[Raindance ’15] Obon Brothers

Media that peers behind the curtain has provided the world of cinema with countless icons and classics. There’s something about sharing in the highs and lows of a world so close yet so alien from our recognisable reality that has made it such a rich