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Mona Lisa

A breakthrough hit for director Neil Jordan, the neo-noir classic Mona Lisa has been given a new lease on life thanks to Arrow Video’s remastered Blu-ray release. Mona Lisa stars Bob Hoskins as George, a man just released from prison into a world that has moved

Horse Money

After a decade of bringing undervalued and overlooked films to light on DVD, Second Run’s career as a big-screen distributor begins, in winningly perverse fashion, with an elegy. Pedro Costa’s Horse Money adds a fourth instalment to what most people assumed would be a trilogy

Zombie Fight Club

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; take any Zeitgeist creating movie and the wave of films that come in its wake per exemplar. Gareth Evans’ the Raid is a classic example of this; the hyper violent multi-storey siege film has since enjoyed a massive rise

Eyes Without a Face

The longer cinema has existed as a collaborative medium the more competition there is and the more movies are being made, its basic industry expansion practices. To stand out from the masses you have to strive to be ahead of the curve – good directors

Dragon’s Return

All generalisations are false, up to and including this one. But it does feel as if, even before Czechoslovakia divided into two nations, there were already two parallel cinemas existing in it. You have the Czech films of Jan Švankmajer and Věra Chytilová; witty, urban,

Exit (2014)

The appearance of new film distributors in the UK is a significant occasion, especially when they are dealing exclusively with Asian cinema. The birth of Facet Films brings with it new possibilities, one of which is Chienn Hsiang’s directorial début – Exit. With this film

The Wolfpack

During a customary stroll around New York City, Avid Film maker and Director Crystal Moselle gazed at a group of identical, slick, long-haired boys, swerving through the crowded streets. Her inquisitive nature led to her approaching individuals found to be brothers with a passion of


Jauja, in Peru, was once thought to be a Mecca of milk and honey. Thought unreachable by man, this fact was attested to by the number of people who went missing while searching for it  – according to the opening expository text dump. Both the geographic and mythical

Man with a Movie Camera

Newly enthroned by Sight & Sound as the greatest documentary ever made, Man With a Movie Camera is an easy film to enjoy.  Partly this is because of its ripping pace – 67 minutes long, utterly relentless and married here with a Michael Nyman score

The Beast

Before we turn our attention to the last disc of Arrow’s Blu-Ray Borowczyk restorations, let us take stock of the man’s career up to this point. A shoestring genius of experimental animation, “Boro” had proved his versatility with four massively different features; the crackpot animated