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Only Lovers Left Alive

Dead Man and Ghost Dog saw Indie favourite Jim Jarmusch bring his quirky idiosyncrasies to more traditionally visceral genres. Ghost Dog is worlds away from a traditional Yakuza or Gangster film and the same is true for Dead Man with westerns. His 12th legitimate feature

John Dies at the End

Originally starting life as a web serial by the appropriately monikered David Wong, John Dies at the End has grown into a published novel (and a sequel This Book Is Full of Spiders), before being developed into a film by Bubba Ho-Tep and Phantasm director

The Patrol

Historically, War in cinema has come in a number of guises and styles – heroism, propaganda, the horror, anti-war and now the post-millennium pragmatism that has followed in the footsteps popularized by Katherine Bigelow’s Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. In that flood of realistic

Journal de France

Titles, trailers and posters, those are the three components that will first meet you when deciding upon whether to watch a film or not. Taking the title as one of the most important articles it turns Journal de France into something of a bust –

Wings (1927)

Reviewing silent cinema is a difficult task, evaluating something so antiquated with the sensibilities of the modern era requires the creativity to look past the most hackneyed of conventions with the freshness they were first viewed with. Failing that, legacy is always a way into


Even though people between the ages of 13 and 19 have always existed, the lifestyle of the teenager is commonly believed to have been invented in the 1950s with the popularisation of Rock ‘n Roll. In Matt Wolf’s idiosyncratic documentary and ‘living collage’, Teenage, he

Kiss of the Damned

During the director interview on Eureka’s release of Xan Cassavetes’ kiss of the Damned, the director states that titles like Twilight are children’s films and don’t belong to the great tradition of vampires in cinema. Although that wasn’t the influence behind the film, it’s a

Computer Chess

As discovered on the extras of Computer Chess (Masters of Cinema’s latest release), the film was part financed by Kickstarter. Now it might not sound like much but this is a momentous turn in fate, for a long time websites like Kickstarter (and Indiegogo) have

Soda Shots: Vienna & Lebanon

Life is stranger than fiction and with the DVD release of 2012 documentary The Lebanese Rocket society; no statement could sum a film up more precisely. This is not a scientific programme by the USA, Japan, China, Russia, France or Germany but a tiny country