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The Geek Show - The Sojourn

The Sojourn – Only Puzzlers Need Apply

The Sojourn takes the player into a mysterious land where light will guide them forward, but it’s not long until the numerous challenges are revealed, and the player must overcome these intricate and ever more demanding obstacles in order to uncover the nature of reality.

Fright (1971): “Suburban 1970s Horror, British Style”

Every Bank Holiday, every Christmas break, you’ll be painfully aware of Peter Collinson’s most successful film as a director – the Italian Job. Like William Girdler (Grizzly, The Manitou), he died way too young and left behind a fascinating body of work far more compelling

Angel Heart: Dark Intrigue and Sinister Seduction

It’s a lonely place for someone like me over on Letterboxd just now. Whilst the bulk of the community celebrate the Halloween season with the Hooptober Horror Film Challenge I, never much of a joiner-inner, continue to watch whatever takes my fancy. It’s not that

Suspiria (2018): “the horror remake as high art”

Horror remakes have been a hot topic for what feels like forever. Personally, nothing will reach the nadir of remakes whose sole purpose is so people don’t have to read subtitles. That happened on a near monthly basis in the J-Horror cycle. Another wing of

Rabid (2019): “mutating to its heart’s content”

While writing his 1977 film Rabid, David Cronenberg had a crisis of confidence. In Chris Rodley’s book Cronenberg on Cronenberg, he remembers saying to his producer John Dunning: “…I just woke up this morning and realised this is ridiculous. Do you know what this movie’s