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Ring (1998): “The Most Important J-Horror For Good Reason”

Hideo Nakata’s Ring is famously the film that triggered the western world’s awareness that yes, Asian countries do make horror films. It also famously triggered a slew of sequels and remakes, from the Korean The Ring Virus to the recent American Rings. It’s undeniably important

Boy Erased: “Not Quite Erased, But Not Fully Drawn”

One of the defining depictions of evil on film, for me, is Robert Mitchum’s character in Night of the Hunter. It’s the way he balances menace and clumsiness, a wolf who is also a Wile E. Coyote, slipping on bottles and suffering head injuries and

Climax: “Gasper Noe: The Dark Lord of Dance”

Since breaking into the arthouse scene in 2002, Gasper Noe and controversy have never been far apart. In 2002 he gave the world a brutal and unsympathetic tale of rape in Irreversible, following that up in 2009 he directed Enter the Void and with that,

Classic Film Kid: Doctor Who Series 11

Hello film buffs and fellow Whovians, it’s the Classic Film Kid here! Today, I will be looking at Doctor Who again to discuss the recent 11th series, the positives and negatives, and also a quick ranking of all 10 episodes at the end. Without any