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Classic Film Kid: LAIKA Ranked

Today I will be ranking all five films by stop-motion animation studio LAIKA, but some of you might be wondering – aren’t there six? In that case, you’ll probably be thinking of 2005’s Corpse Bride, a gothic musical comedy-drama directed by Tim Burton. Now while

Donbass: “Episodes of lunacy in Eastern Ukraine”

Welcome to the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. It’s under the control of the separatists, and the lot of the inhabitants is not a happy one. If you haven’t been bombed out of your home, you’ve probably been injured in a bus attack, or blackmailed

Classic Film Kid: The Missing Link

SPOILER ALERT Ladies and gentleman, my favourite animation company has returned with a new stop-motion adventure comedy. So, you know what this means? Review time! Hello everyone, Classic Film Kid here, and today I am so excited as I’m going to be taking a quick

The Geek Show - Fate Extella Link

Fate/EXTELLA Link – Exposition Meets Warriors-Style Action

The latest chapter in the Fate/Extra saga, and the sequel to Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, picks up the action where right after the events of the previous game, but with a new threat looming, the protectors of Se.Ra.Ph must rise to a new challenge. Does

Whispers of a Machine – Cyberpunk Detective Noir

Using the classic idea of an investigative point and click adventure is Raw Fury’s Whisper of a Machine. Join Rob as he talks about this excellent indie title described as Sci-fi Nordic Noir by its developers. Let us know what you thought about Whispers of