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Hands Over The City

Politics will never fail to aggravate, just as episodes from the past will never fail to hold some relevance to the now. Take Masters of Cinema’s newest addition, Le mani sulla città (Hands over the City), as the perfect example. People reading this review in

White of the Eye

Back in the days of VHS, the idea of discovering a film was a common one; countless people visited their local video rental store and dipped their toe in the hope of finding a gem. Now, in the age of the internet, there are few

Blind Woman’s Curse

One of Arrow’s latest releases sees them take an all too rare foray away from English-speaking climes, instead heading for Japan. That release is Terou Ishii’s surreal period Yakuza film of many titles, whether its Blind Woman’s Curse, Black Cat’s Revenge or Tattooed Swordsman, whatever

Bleak Night

Korean cinema came out of nowhere in the early 2000′s, blowing up people’s conceptions as to what action thrillers can be. They were the perfect antidote to a Hollywood system that was (and still is) becoming increasingly one-dimensional and nepotistic. This blossoming has given directors

White Dog

Slavery has been something of a hot topic in cinema over the past 18 months, what with critical & commercial darlings in 12 years a slave and Django unchained bringing racial inequality into the public discourse. With this social sickness being given an unheralded amount

Super Contra (Retro)

Originally released in 1988 in the arcades and then with a friendlier version on the NES in 1990, Super Contra is a classic side scrolling shooting action game with an unrelenting onslaught of enemies. Released more recently on the Xbox Live Arcade we see a

The Rocket

Documentarian Kim Mordaunt carved out a name for himself with the Laotian set documentary Bomb Harvest. A personal account of the many bombs left unexploded in “the most bombed country, per capita, on the planet”. In the director’s feature début and Australia’s official best picture

Wake in Fright (1971)

For a long time Wake in Fright (aka Outbreak) was regarded as one of the ‘great lost Australian films’. Although critically celebrated across the board its infamously unsympathetic presentation of Australia, unflinching hunting scenes and poor box office saw it lost to the annals of

For Those in Peril

Not to be confused with the Ealing film of the same name, Paul Wright’s 2013’s Feature debut For those in Peril is more of an amalgamation of Baltasar Kormakur’s The Deep and Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt than a call back to Ealing. George Mackay stars


Originally released as part of the orange box collection on PC and Xbox, then later on PS3, MAC and Linux – Portal is an exciting puzzle game based on physics. Now some people might be thinking “Puzzles and Physics? Exciting?” but all that reveals is