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A Series Of Unfortunate Events Season 1: Classic Film Kid

CONTAINS SPOILERS “A Series Of Unfortunate Events: one of the most miserable and dour collections of children’s books ever written. So please someone tell me why this is so incredibly entertaining”? Hey guys, and I’m back with another review. This time, I’m doing a review

Twin Peaks: The Return: The Rewatch: What Is Your Name?

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS LA-based viewers of the Twin Peaks finale felt unsettled when Dale Cooper drove up to Eat At Judy’s. This isn’t an unusual feeling when watching Twin Peaks: rewatching this episode, I felt deeply uncomfortable waiting for the final shot. They were unnerved,

Twin Peaks: The Return: The Rewatch: Let’s Rock

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS So, out of David Lynch and Mark Frost, which one’s been spending too much time on the internet? I mention this because episode 12 appears inspired by one of the most extraordinarily silly of online conspiracy theories: the Mandela effect. Mandela effect

Twin Peaks: The Return: The Rewatch – Don’t Die

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS David Lynch’s plan for Twin Peaks: The Return was to treat it like an epic-length film, which may be why it’s not always easy to remember what scene is in which episode. Episode 6 introduces Diane and Ike the Spike, reintroduces Carl