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Twin Peaks: The Return: The Rewatch: What Is Your Name?

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS LA-based viewers of the Twin Peaks finale felt unsettled when Dale Cooper drove up to Eat At Judy’s. This isn’t an unusual feeling when watching Twin Peaks: rewatching this episode, I felt deeply uncomfortable waiting for the final shot. They were unnerved,

Twin Peaks: The Return: The Rewatch: Let’s Rock

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS So, out of David Lynch and Mark Frost, which one’s been spending too much time on the internet? I mention this because episode 12 appears inspired by one of the most extraordinarily silly of online conspiracy theories: the Mandela effect. Mandela effect

Twin Peaks: The Return: The Rewatch – Don’t Die

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS David Lynch’s plan for Twin Peaks: The Return was to treat it like an epic-length film, which may be why it’s not always easy to remember what scene is in which episode. Episode 6 introduces Diane and Ike the Spike, reintroduces Carl