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Twin Peaks: The Return: The Rewatch – Don’t Die

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS David Lynch’s plan for Twin Peaks: The Return was to treat it like an epic-length film, which may be why it’s not always easy to remember what scene is in which episode. Episode 6 introduces Diane and Ike the Spike, reintroduces Carl

Twin Peaks: The Return: The Rewatch – Call for Help

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS The FBI are back! What are they investigating, according to Miguel Ferrer’s still-peerlessly grouchy Albert Rosenfeld? “The absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence.” Oh. I see. Sounds more like an NSA job to me, but if you’re sure it’s in

Doctor Who Episode 12 | The Doctor Falls

Written by Steven Moffat | Directed by Rachel Talalay It’s OK everyone. Bill can come back. Y’all can breathe again. Hands down my favourite episode of the series so far and potentially the best finale we’ve seen in a while ‘The Doctor Falls’ proves that

Doctor Who Episode 11 | World Enough and Time

Written by Steven Moffat – Directed by Rachel Talalay More of this, please. When the first 10 minutes of an episode make you go “What the- what the what?!?!?!”  then you know the rest is going to be a blast. World Enough and Time was

Doctor Who | Episode 6 Extremis

Written by Steven Moffat | Directed by Daniel Nettheim The Doctor, still blind from the last episode gets a visit from the Pope, who explains that there is a document called the ‘Veritas’ and anyone who reads it is for some reason compelled to kill

Doctor Who | Episode 5 Oxygen

Written by Jamie Mathieson | Directed by Charles Palmer Do you know what’s worse than zombies? Space zombies. Do you know what’s worse than space zombies? Capitalism. Creepy factor turned up to 11 folks. Hands down I loved this episode. First of all, I loved

Doctor Who | Episode 4 Knock Knock

Written by Mike Barlett – Directed by Bill Anderson Note to self: if a house seems to be too good to be true, especially for broke university students, it almost definitely is, therefore, go ask the student union for help. This episode starts with naive