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The Geek Show - Team Sonic Racing - Nostalgia Without The Nostalgia

Team Sonic Racing – Nostalgia Without The Nostalgia

Sonic the Hedgehog returns with a new addition to the long-long-long-running series of video games, and in true 1990’s platform game nostalgie-fashion it’s a kart racer developed by Sumo Digital. The real question here though, is why on earth would a creature as fast as

The Geek Show - Close To The Sun

Close To The Sun – More Than Just BioShock-Lite?

“Born of Nikola Tesla’s vision, the Helios serves as a haven for the greatest scientific minds. An unbound utopia for research, independent from state and isolated from the gaze of society. Free to push the boundaries of matter and time.” Storm In A Teacup’s Bioshock-inspired

The Geek Show - Vaporum - A Defiantly Old-School Dungeon Crawler

Vaporum – A Defiantly Old-School Dungeon Crawler

“Stranded on a small islet in the middle of an ocean, you enter a gigantic mechanical tower. Nothing makes sense to you, but it is all strangely familiar …” Inspired by old-school classics like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder, return to the early

The Geek Show - Fate Extella Link

Fate/EXTELLA Link – Exposition Meets Warriors-Style Action

The latest chapter in the Fate/Extra saga, and the sequel to Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, picks up the action where right after the events of the previous game, but with a new threat looming, the protectors of Se.Ra.Ph must rise to a new challenge. Does

Whispers of a Machine – Cyberpunk Detective Noir

Using the classic idea of an investigative point and click adventure is Raw Fury’s Whisper of a Machine. Join Rob as he talks about this excellent indie title described as Sci-fi Nordic Noir by its developers. Let us know what you thought about Whispers of

The Geek Show - Eternity The Last Unicorn

Eternity: The Last Unicorn – The Curse Of Camera Angles

Inspired by games like Resident Evil and Onimusha (the original ones), Eternity: The Last Unicorn is an indie fantasy RPG that looks good on the surface. Join Rob as he explores the realms inspired by Viking mythology to find out if there’s any way that