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Ivan’s Childhood

Film history tends to invite less counterfactual speculation than military or political history, but here’s one for you: what if Ivan’s Childhood, now reissued by Curzon Artificial Eye, had never been made? Because that really did come close to happening. During production, source author Vladimir

The Assassin

The Assassin (Hsiao-Hsien Hou) is loosely based on a seventh-century folk tale about a female assassin assigned with re-establishing equilibrium to the corrupt Tang Dynasty court. Shu Qi plays Nie Yinniang, the formidable female protagonist, who has been trained since the age of Ten to

S12E02 – Saturday Morning Hand Puppets

With all the awards chatter going on this week, we decided to look at the people and titles that don’t quite get the recognition they deserve. With a full cast of hand puppets, gunge, comedy double-acts and more, join us as we appreciate the underappreciated.

S11E22 – Buena Onda

On this episode we explore Central and South America from the comfort of our armchairs using a variety of media – which means we are now officially experts and do not need to go to either region to check our knowledge or even reference information

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The Geek Show S04E06 – Animex 2012 Special

As ever, we continue to evolve, and Animex 2012 saw our very first live recording of The Geek Show. The only problem is that we had more than we could feasibly fit into a two-hour show, so we were forced to get the scissors and

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The Geek Show S04E05 – Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

Ooooh er Missus. On this episode of the Geek Show we take a look at weapons (but not guns because they’re a bit too easy), and ask why there’s such a big difference in weaponry between Eastern and Western cinema, and why there’s a lack

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The Geek Show S04E04 – Muzak

Joining us in the studio this week are NTC Promotions, a local firm that organise gigs for some of the best musical talents in the area. We also try to work out why musical cinema suddenly left the mainstream, and ask why music is rarely

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The Geek Show S04E03 – Watching the Detectives

This week on the Geek Show, we investigate detectives and mysteries, but in true fashion things dont quite go as planned. We ask a lot of questions to which the answer is Skyrim (no, we don’t really understand the link either), so join us as