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The Geek Show S03E12 – Action Heroes

On this action packed episode of the Geek Show, we dive through windows, kick down doors, find out where the best weapons are, and walk slowly away from explosions. No, really. We weren’t just playing [insert action game here], honest… Okay, so we wanted to be

S09E12 – Batman 75th Anniversary Special

This week we’re ending our comic-book themes with a show celebrating the 75th anniversary of Batman. Join us as we take a look at one of DC Comics most profitable characters and find out who was the best Batman in movies, what would make a

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The Geek Show S03E10 – Anti-Heroes

On this weeks episode of the Geek Show, we examine (i.e. argue with each other then go for a pint), the move away from the clean cut, whiter-than-white heroes. Join us as we take a look at the bad good guys, musicians who use “shock”

Lesson of Evil

Between his flirtation with every genre under the sun and his prolific nature, there is absolutely no else in the world like Takashi Miike. For a while now, he has been maturing as a director, seeking more than the exploitation films he made his name

S09E11 – DC

Continuing our run of comic-book themed shows, this week we take a look at the old behemoth of the industry. Join us as we take a dive into the worlds of DC Comics. Reviews: Hyrule Warriors, Wasteland 2, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, Tengen

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The Geek Show S03E09 – Portraits of Women

In this episode of the Geek Show we discuss how women are portrayed in media. What makes a strong female character? How much ‘sexy’ is too much? And what is womanufacturing? Includes a Interview with Susan Arendt, Managing Editor of The Escapist magazine.

S09E10 – Marvel

Over the next three shows we’re taking a look at th influence of comic-books on popular media, and to kick things off we’re beginning with the obvious choice. Join us as we step into the multimedia world of Marvel. Reviews – Mr. Morgan’s Last Love,

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The Geek Show S03E07 – Abunai Con 2011

This week on the geek show we have our second convention special on the bounce as Phil returns from his time over in Holland with Abunai Con. Interviews with Abunai Con organizing committee, Projector Games, Fortress Craft, Anime Nation, Anime Maid & Butler Cafe and

The Visitor (AKA Stridulum)

Reaction of any art form is at its most visceral as the credits roll, typically appraisal of a given film falls into the sub-divisions of tone, atmosphere and narrative. At least that is the theory, every so often a film comes out of the ether