Madame Dubarry (1919)

Ernst Lubitsch isn’t remembered for the silent work which Eureka’s Masters of Cinema is concerning themselves with at present, instead his name carries traction as a result of his famous light dramatic comedies of the 1930’s and 40s (To be or not to be, Trouble

A Jester’s Tale

Everybody vested to a certain degree in the pastime of cinema has their favourite actors and directors; the fascinating part of which is discovering who influenced them. This is doubly true when one discovers the people who influenced such a staunch surrealist and outsider like

S09E08 – If It Ain’t Broke …

This week we decided to investigate the repetitive nature of popular media, so join us as we find out more about entertainment franchises that don’t really change over time, the installments that don’t really exist (seriously – they’re just a figment of your imagination), and

S09E07 – I Learned Something Today

On this week’s episode we’re joined by Phil Gibson from Games & Gums – purveyors of fine geek board and card games, and the go-to guy for all manner of American sugary goodness. Join us as we delve into the quasi-educational nature of popular media

Night Moves (2013)

Not to be confused with Arthur Penn’s under-appreciated mystery film starring Gene Hackman, Night Moves is the latest film from American minimalist Kelly Reichardt. It follows the current wave of films about radical environmentalists from the heart of the American indie. A trend of films

S06E09 – Rip Offs

So we were wandering through a supermarket one day and we noticed a DVD that looked like Kung Fu Panda (including the cover design), and had a story like Kung Fu Panda – but it wasn’t Kung Fu Panda. The movie in question featured a

S09E05 – Doctors

This week we decided to take a look at the role medical doctors play in popular media, so join us as we find out why they’re one of the most versatile characters in movies, how the profession is represented in videogames, and why manga has

S09E04 – Cherricon 2014 Special

Shortly after the wonderful weekend we had at SunnyCon we received an invite to a cosy little charity convention up in Gateshead called Cherricon, so we decided to take a trip there to investigate. What we found was a rather pleasant day out, a great

Branded to Kill

The textbook example of a film misunderstood in its own time, upon releasing Branded to kill the legendary Japanese director Seijun Suzuki was fired by Nikkatsu Studios because the film didn’t make any money and made even less sense. Nikkatsu even went to the length