S07E10 – Codgertation and Geriaction

Isn’t it a joy to grow older? The mind gets sharper while everything else starts to fall apart. Unfortunately not everyone is as whimsical when it comes to age-related issues, which is one of the reasons why older characters in games aren’t as common as

Dr Mabuse, The Gambler (1922)

Cinema in its essence is a visual medium; the silent film can be viewed as nothing but cinema in its purest form. That’s the theory anyhow. Contemporary audiences have written pre-sound cinema as archaic and therefore unworthy of any prolonged attention beyond that which one

The Perfect Recipe for Halloween

It’s Halloween, so by all reckoning we should put something up to commemorate this most unholy of holidays. So, when in doubt get the lists out. There is a very narrow line that divides the scary and funny. There is no greater example of this

The Fury (1978)

Brian De Palma, telekinesis and violence. When most people are addressed with those few identifiers the film they are going to come out with is Carrie. But there’s more, enter 1978 film the Fury; Brian De Palma’s other great telekinetic thriller and one that has

S07E09 – Tokyo Games Show & Review Day 2

This week we decided to find out what the Eastern games market is looking forward to over the coming year. With it also being a major release week we certainly had plenty of stuff to review, so join us as we take a virtual wander

Late Mizoguchi (1951-1956)

Japanese cinema has an odd relationship with crowds for assorted reasons; two of the chief come from genres like horror and anime. The usual response to the question of what a person’s favourite Japanese film or film-maker is will often be met with any number of

S07E08 – Revenge of the Babysat

On this week’s show we decided to take a look at the role that children play in entertainment media. Join us as we find out what happened to children’s cartoons, what makes a good videogame child character, and why Hollywood keeps insisting on adding kids


Third Windows Films are a firm favourite here at The Geek Show, partly because they let us review all their releases, but mostly due to them releasing a healthy mix of classics and new titles from Asian cinema. They are the last and best men