Evangelion vs Godzilla – New Artwork

Back in April there was an announcement that there would be a Godzilla vs Evangelion project, and on the Evangelion website crossover was billed as the “most maximum collaboration of 2016”.  The Shin Godzilla website even had Godzilla X Eva goods on sale. The concept appears

The Geek Show - On The Box

On The Box 47 – Thank God For The Poop Deck

It’s getting political in TV land as the U.S. state of Georgia coming under fire from some of the big guns in the entertainment industry. In other news, Dirk Gently gets an American remake, Mr. Ripley gets a TV series and The Hoff wants to


Cinema Eclectica 63 – Golden Era Crazy Eyes

We’re back to the Golden Age in more ways than one this week. Off The Shelf sees us delve into the Golden Era of Hollywood cinema and BBC documentaries with “Bengal Brigade”, “Sam Bass and Calamity Jane”, “Back to God’s Country” and a continuation of


Mysterious Object at Noon

The first film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul begins with a shot that approximates the feeling of tuning an analogue radio; mysterious, haunting, archaic and likely to land you somewhere you weren’t expecting. It’s a black-and-white tracking shot through the front window of a moving vehicle, with


Pick of the Geek – Loving Miss Hatto

In 1953 William Barrington-Coupe – known as Barrie – spots concert pianist Joyce Hatto and recognizes her talent. They marry with Barrie becoming Joyce’s agent. She makes several records,which achieve some popularity, though her stage fright restricts the success of her concert tours and Barrie,still

very wow oppai

“Very WOW” Doge Boob Mouse Mats!

We aren’t kidding folks. The memes are slowly taking over. In recent years the Doge meme featuring Kabosu – a Shiba Inu dog that the internet rates as “very much wow” appearing on T-shirts, mugs and even getting its own bitcoin alternative. Now we’re witnessing

The Geek Show - S12E11 - Action Man's Shifty Eyes

S12E11 – Action Man’s Shifty Eyes

This week we dive into nostalgic waters looking browse through all sorts of toys from the 1980s to the present day. Along the way we discover the rights of the small man and the cynical nature of merchandising. Review: Stranger of Sword City (PS Vita)

Pearl Mackie

New Dr Who Companion Announced

Announced today, Whovians everywhere can look forward to Pearl Mackie running around with The Doctor in 2017. During half time of the FA Cup semi-final between Manchester United and Everton, BBC One made a special broadcast announcement with the usual hype and fanfare we’ve come to

Shaun In Japan

Shaun the Sheep Is Going to Japan

Everybody’s favourite stop-motion animated sheep is packing his bags, leaving behind the possibility of another dreary British “summer” and heading off to the Land of the Rising Sun. In the summer of 2015 an “exhibition” of Shaun was held and 120 statues of different designs were


Possible Anti Aging Formula Discovered

You read that right folks. Was it made in a laboratory or discovered in a remote part of the Amazon? No, it was produced by Warner Hotels in partnership with Bompas & Parr. Oh, and lest we forget to mention – the miraculous formula is