Toei Animation, Turning 60

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that reaching the age of 60 in the world of animation is a great achievement. This year Japanese company Toei Animation will hit that milestone on July 31st, marking 60 years since its formation. Over the years


Pick of the Geek – Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool

So who’s fully digested the new Radiohead album? Trick question: Radiohead haven’t been in the business of making immediately digestible albums since 1993 or thereabouts. But even if this review is doomed never to dive to the bottom of A Moon Shaped Pool, there’s still

The Geek Show - S12E13 - Defend Your Guffs

S12E13 – Defend Your Guffs

This week we acknowledge all our dirty secrets and pit them against each other. Not everything we like is a solid gold masterpiece, and sometimes the heart wants to sink its teeth into a massive load of rubbish. With Star Wars, superheroes, horror movies and


Pick of the Geek – Eyedea & Abilities E&A

Hip Hop has a terrible reputation due in no small part to the tip of the derivative mainstream or more pointedly its gangster deviations. As is ever the case with any genre, the true visage can only be gazed upon when you dip your toe


2 Sweet Wrestling 41 – Big Banter Breakout

Join Jay and Rob as they peruse the past week in Wrestling. Our featured shows are RAW, NXT and the last few weeks of Lucha Underground. Other highlights include the breakout of one of NXT’s most divisive stars, questions over a potential WWE-style Bullet Club


Pick of the Geek – Beach Boys Surf’s Up

Pet Sounds is, of course, perfect, but sometimes albums can be great in their imperfections.  Case in point: 1971’s Surf’s Up, one of a series of Beach Boys albums designed to cannibalise the remnants of chief songwriter Brian Wilson’s enormous, unreleased project Smile.  The album

Picture from UK Garrison Facebook Page

Empire Claims England’s Highest Peak

May the 4th is a special day for Star Wars fans. Some dress up and go for walks in public while others enjoy marathon of the films – but not Ashley Broomhall. He took his opportunity to don Stormtrooper armour and decided to take on Scafell Pike

Narcon Cosplayers

Cosplay at Eurovision

Eurovision – the annual song contest that epitomizes everything camp and European about Europe. In previous years the contest has been dominated by the dulcet tones of the “Emerald Isle” and the modern era has seen several changes, including the introduction of more European countries (including island nations