Nina Forever

After gaining a massive amount of praise at The British Independent Film Awards and Frightfest, it’s easy to see why Nina Forever – the directorial debut from The Blaine Brothers – distinctly carves out its identity through considered execution and challenging conventions.


S12E06 – Time For Some Navel Action?

This week we head to the high seas with a Yar-Har and Fiddle-dee-dee. It’s time dress flamboyantly and drink lots of grog as we get down and dirty with pirates. Reviews – Vinland Saga volume 7, Legend of Legacy (3DS), Earth Defence Force 2 (PS

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4-Panel 43 – The Mister Potato-Head of Superpowers

But before that we discuss the new Justice League Action cartoon series, Superman’s new “power”, the cancellation of several Marvel and DC titles, weird comic-book crossovers and the secret history of Howard The Duck. Our featured comics and manga are Tsubasa World Chronicle: Nirai Kanai-hen

The Geek Show - On The Box

On The Box 41 – Middle-Class Rap Names

We kick things off this week with the announcement that Dara O’Briain and Angela Scanlon will present the new series of Robot Wars – along with the welcome return of Jonathan Pearce as commentator. We also discuss Matt le Blanc joining Top Gear, One Million


Uzumasa Limelight

Few genres associated closely with a nation have lasted as long as the samurai has for Japan, most follow the path of the Western in that they had a golden era with occasional hot pockets after the fact. The latest film to be released on

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Keyframe 39 – Sasami-san At The Boundary

The big news this week is that Japanese voice actress Orikasa Fumiko (Bleach, Code Geass, Hellsing, Great Teacher Onizuka), will be a guest at Sunnycon 5 in June 2016. After that it’s business as usual as we discuss the trailers for Dofus: and Long Way