Bleak future for UK Geek Industry

Not even the Justice League can save us from this….. It has been inescapable in recent months, Brexit has been a hot button of UK discussion which has divided the nation. It has shown that Britain has an isolationist and xenophobic side, it has brought

S13E06 - You Can't Hurt Me! I Have a Forcefield!

S13E06 – You Cant Hurt Me! I Have a Forcefield!

Things get a little complicated this week as we look both backwards and forwards at the same time (or in other words – prequels). Sometimes these can be a source of great frustration and, quite shockingly, sometimes they can actually be good. We also ask

The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 48 – Redneck Avengers

There’s never a dull moment when you have judo books for kids by Vladimir Putin, 9-year-old journalists scooping major networks and a set of rejected Disney dwarves. Our featured books are Escapology by Ren Warom, New Pompeii by Daniel Godfrey and The Definitive Visual Guide

Keyframe 57 – Where Does The Lightning Fit In?

It’s a trailerfest this week so we take a look at the ones for Sweetness and Lightning, 91 Days, RS Project: Rebirth Storage and Voltron: Legendary Defender. Our featured anime is Assassination Classroom Season 1 part 1. Tune in to The Geek Show Podcast Network

Doris and the Dragon (Review)

The mobile game used to something of a dirty word in years past, more synonymous with the colourful distractions of match four games and angry birds and its sea of derivatives than anything in key with the concerns of the industry at large. But such

PES 2017 (Review)

Sequel to both 2015 and 2016, Konami return to the hallowed turf. Only kidding. It’s that time of the year again, its football season with PES 2017 being the first to the starting line. Watch the video review above to find out what we think

The Sacrifice

Released just six months before his death from cancer, Andrei Tarkovsky’s The Sacrifice is commonly held to be an uncomfortably elegiac, melancholy note for the great director to bow out on, which considering the rest of his films were hardly Duck Soup is saying something.

Electra, My Love

Be it Slovak, Hungarian or countries in South East Asia, their cinematic output requires a degree of cultural and historical context, with the addition of the former Czechoslovakia these marginalised nations make up the DNA of Second Run’s remit. Nuances naturally occur but the consistencies