Babymetal to Get Own Super Mario Maker Costume

Babymetal – the metal band from Japan that has taken the world by storm – are used to selling out venues across the globe and winning favour with music fans from all walks of life. Now it looks like they’re taking another step towards greatness as Nintendo have announced that they

Ann the haunted doll

Haunted Doll LIVE

Probably the world’s creepiest live-stream is running now! We’ve all seen the horror movie where the porcelain doll comes to life, and truth be told, I am one of those who suffer from Pediophobia (the fear of dolls). So when a US TV channel decides to run


Sunderland to Get 2 New Conventions

In the UK it has been no surprise to see the rise of the geek convention. Go back 6 years and they were viewed as niche events with attendances usually in the hundreds, but now the market has become over-saturated and there can sometimes be 2

Light up the New world poster

New Death Note Trailer Released

It’s been only a couple of days since the new poster for the upcoming Death Note movie was released and we learned that the story will take place 10 years after the original Kira incident. In addition to that there will also be six people possesing a Death Note, and


Hartlepool United Fans Use The Force

It’s near end of season and among the pageantry of surprise champions and fallen giants, few things can be a constant (aside from Sunderland’s attempts to escape relegation). One long-standing tradition is the annual Hartlepool United final away game mass cosplay. We’ve seen some spectacular


NIS to Stop Distribution in Europe

Nippon Ichi Software – the company famous for video game franchises such as Disgaea, Persona, Danganronpa and Etrian Odyssey will be halting distribution in Europe. In a statement given to MCV, Takuro Yamashita – the Managing director of NIS America – had this to say;


Evangelion vs Godzilla – New Artwork

Back in April there was an announcement that there would be a Godzilla vs Evangelion project, and on the Evangelion website crossover was billed as the “most maximum collaboration of 2016”.  The Shin Godzilla website even had Godzilla X Eva goods on sale. The concept appears

The Geek Show - On The Box

On The Box 47 – Thank God For The Poop Deck

It’s getting political in TV land as the U.S. state of Georgia coming under fire from some of the big guns in the entertainment industry. In other news, Dirk Gently gets an American remake, Mr. Ripley gets a TV series and The Hoff wants to


Cinema Eclectica 63 – Golden Era Crazy Eyes

We’re back to the Golden Age in more ways than one this week. Off The Shelf sees us delve into the Golden Era of Hollywood cinema and BBC documentaries with “Bengal Brigade”, “Sam Bass and Calamity Jane”, “Back to God’s Country” and a continuation of