Beach Boys – Surf’s Up

Pet Sounds is, of course, perfect, but sometimes albums can be great in their imperfections.  Case in point: 1971’s Surf’s Up, one of a series of Beach Boys albums designed to cannibalise the remnants of chief songwriter Brian Wilson’s enormous, unreleased project Smile.  The album

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Empire Claims England’s Highest Peak

May the 4th is a special day for Star Wars fans. Some dress up and go for walks in public while others enjoy marathon of the films – but not Ashley Broomhall. He took his opportunity to don Stormtrooper armour and decided to take on Scafell Pike

Narcon Cosplayers

Cosplay at Eurovision

Eurovision – the annual song contest that epitomizes everything camp and European about Europe. In previous years the contest has been dominated by the dulcet tones of the “Emerald Isle” and the modern era has seen several changes, including the introduction of more European countries (including island nations

The Geek Show - Geeking About

Geeking About – May

Geeking About is your monthly guide to what’s geeking on in the North East. Each month I’ll present my top events and later on I’ll even review them too. So if you’re interested in art, science, technology, theatre, comedy, film – or you want to


WIN Akira Kurosawa’s RAN on Blu-Ray

It’s time for the next competition! This week we’re giving away StudioCanal released 4K restoration of Akira Kurosawa’s RAN. Released as part of the 400th Anniversary of William Shakespeare Death, Japanese directing legend re adapts King Lear to the era of feuding states Japan. In


Dragonball Evolution Official Apology

The day has finally come! Since 2009 fans of Dragon Ball have been upset and let down by Hollywood’s live action attempt at the franchise – movie so poor it scored just 14% on rotten tomatoes. Even Akira Toriyama – the creator of the franchise


May the 4th Be With You.

Today marks a special day around the world as fans of the science fiction juggernaut Star Wars celebrate “May The Fourth”, and have you covered with a top ten list of things you can do for this auspicious occasion. So whether you’re a hardcore jedi knight or a fledgling

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Keyframe 46 – Hajime no Tucky

Tis the season for strange animation tidings as we take a look at the trailers for “Sausage Party” and “Sakamoto desu-ga?”, Paramount say no to The Little Prince’s money and more. Our featured anime are Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, Kill Me Baby and FUSE: Memoirs

4-Panel Site Image v2

4-Panel 49 – Kevin Sorbo: Film Critic

So Batman Versus Superman opened to almost universal boos, but don’t lose hope as Lego Batman will save us all! In other news, Marvel cancel more titles, Robbie Rodriguez will retire after “Gwenom” and Kozue Amano’s “Amanchu” will be adapted for anime. Our featured comics