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Keyframe Episode 52 – Mecha Van Dyke

Disney make some major announcements this week, and not all of them seem to make sense. We also discuss the trailer for ”Big Fish & Begonia” and the new 3D CG version of Chi’s Sweet Home. Our featured anime are Patlabor: The New Files (OVA


The Ox-Bow Incident

The introduction is one of the most underrated aspects of home video, one as good as that which Peter Stanfield provides on Arrow’s release of William A. Wellman’s The Ox-Bow Incident transforms a film – providing a context, drawing attention to details and being about

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4-Panel Episode 52 – Gyrating Dr. Strange

So the Doctor Strange trailer came out. Cue the internet furore. In other news, Ben Affleck will direct and star in his own Batman film, Brian Michael Bendis announces a new Jessica Jones series and Japanese readers pick Shonen Jump’s “most erotic manga”. Our featured

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Keyframe Episode 51 – Pikachus In All The Wrong Places

This week we take a look at the trailers for Moom and Kaze no Yoni before diving into Sailor Moon exhibits, Jump Summers with Universal Studios, and some unfortunately placed Pikachus. Our featured anime are Arcana Famiglia and Infinite Stratos Season 2. Tune in to


Return of the Killer Tomatoes

Roll up! Roll up! Do you love 80’s movies? Of course you do. Do you love incredibly ridiculous comedies that have the charm of a Zucker-Abrahams production? Then you need to sit down and watch the 1988 creature feature parody, Return of the Killer Tomatoes!


Intel DN2820FYKH Barebone Desktop

Intel DN2820FYKH Barebone Desktop (Celeron N2820 2.39GHz, HD Graphics, WLAN, Bluetooth 4.0) (£115.99) This is a recent purchase but I have to include this as a highly recommended product. This is a barebones media PC which fluctuates a sale price of £79.99 when not fully


The Psychopath Test

For Jon Ronson, journalism is about offering a fair hearing to people who might not otherwise get, or even deserve, it. Over the course of his eight books he’s done this to Ku Klux Klansmen, anthrax hoaxers, cult leaders, paedophiles and people who tweeted insensitive

The Geek Show - S12E17 - Machiavellian Licks

S12E17 – Machiavellian Licks

After one of the weirdest news sections in a good long while, we dive into the latest episode of defend your choices. This time out we look at our favourite villains. Along the way we look titles as diverse as Silent Hill, Cowboy Bebop and



A keen suspension of disbelief is critical in the enjoyment of genres predicated on wonder, whimsy and exaggeration, not having a healthy penchant to believe the unbelievable locks swathes of the more imaginative hues of cinema behind locked door. Curious it is then that 1993’s