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Cinema Eclectica 174 – Drunken Sake Shenanigans

On this episode our Film of the Week is the hotly-tipped adaptation of a cult British novel about gangland youth, and although Graham is on hand to nurse Mick through his “Absolute Beginners” flashbacks, Idris Elba’s directorial debut “Yardie” is a very different proposition. Bonus

Cinema Eclectica 77 – Whats in the BAG?!

This week we play host to some of British cinema’s finest eccentrics with Julien Temple’s “Absolute Beginners” and Ken Russell’s “Crimes of Passion”. The counter programming continues with the Taviani Brothers “Kaos” and the latest entry Jackie Chan’s “Police Story” franchise with “Lockdown”. Our feature

Absolute Beginners

Alongside The Mission and Revolution, Absolute Beginners was accused of destroying the British film industry in the mid to late 1980’s. It was bad luck for Goldcrest, the studio behind Julian Temple’s lavish production, as they backed-up all three films, released them at nearly the