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Keyframe 116 – Giant Furry Space Hoppers

Guillermo Del Toro has signed a multi-film deal with Dreamworks Animation to create “family” movies – which basically means that anything that they churn out that has his name on it is definitely getting watched by us (even if it’s Boss Baby 73: Where Does

Keyframe 111 – Old Man Godzilla

So Nicholas Cage is finally going to get to play the role of Superman. The only problem is that it will be in the Teen Titans Go! Movie. In other news, we have the first teaser for the anime adaptation of ‘s high school sumo

Dragonball Evolution Official Apology

The day has finally come! Since 2009 fans of Dragon Ball have been upset and let down by Hollywood’s live action attempt at the franchise – movie so poor it scored just 14% on rotten tomatoes. Even Akira Toriyama – the creator of the franchise

Arale-chan to Make an Appearance in Dragonball Super

That’s right! Everyone’s favourite little poop-loving robot is will be returning to the Dragonball universe. Arale is originally the main character from Akira Toriyamas other creation Dr. Slump, but the she has had cameos in Dragonball and this news means that she will be returning