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Keyframe 141 – Burly Men With Powers

The last decade has seen many changes in mainstream media, but possibly the most surprising has been the massive rise in popularity of superheroes – thanks in no small part to the MCU, the DCEU, and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. What’s interesting though, is that

S10E07 – Going Viral

On this infectious episode we explore the world of outbreaks, pandemics and the dreaded “man-flu”. Join us as we find out why games are more about survival than finding a cure, how diseases are used in comics, and what actually counts as an outbreak movie.

Cinema Eclectica 07 – B-Sides Vol. 1

This week we forcibly ejected 50 Shades of Grey, and instead opted to give the “other guys” a chance. In ‘Off the Shelf’ we looked at Spione, Enemy, Sake Bomb, Shanghai 13 and For Love’s Sake. Our highlights of the week are The Theory of


THIS COMPETITION HAS CLOSED! To celebrate the UK release of Disney’s Big Hero 6 we’ve teamed up with the good folks at Avanquest, and up for grabs this time are two copies of Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay – one for the Nintendo