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The Geek Show - S16E04 - Shouting At Fake Clouds

S16E04 – Shouting At Fake Clouds

Welcome to the whack-some-nails-in-it-and-it-will-hold-up-just-fine podcast of science and technology (otherwise known as The Geek Show). So what’s been happening in the world? Well, Huawei have decided to take on the U.S. government while researchers find a way to give lab rats and mice “Predator vision”.


At what point does the care and attention of a close-knit community become too close, evolving into a punishing system of abuse and control? What separates legitimate beliefs from the parasitic, overbearing decrees of an extremist cult? If you’re looking for ambiguous and equivocating answers

Bleak future for UK Geek Industry

Not even the Justice League can save us from this….. It has been inescapable in recent months, Brexit has been a hot button of UK discussion which has divided the nation. It has shown that Britain has an isolationist and xenophobic side, it has brought