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100% Dinge Gotham – Cinema Eclectica 225

This week Mick, Graham and Aidan take a dark voyage into the twisted mind of Batman’s greatest enemy Clownface McGinty in Todd Phillips’s “Joker”. It’s weathered all sorts of controversy – interview walk-outs, copycat violence panics, coming from the director of Due Date – but

Denis Lavant’s Live Action CV – Cinema Eclectica 223

Limousines! Kylie! CGI rubber dragon sex! It can only be Leos Carax’s “Holy Motors” getting the Eclectica treatment from Aidan, Sarah and Graham. Deep thoughts will be had about religion, cinema and literature. Less-deep thoughts will be had about Denis Lavant’s old chap. Elsewhere, there

Cinema Eclectica 221 – Load Bearing Clown

Is it Pensive Staring Chapter Two or Creepy Spooky Fun Time With Bill Skarsgård, Chapter Two? Whatever we think of our feature film, this week, Andrew, Prob and Aidan talk the blockbuster horror release of the summer in “It: Chapter Two”: The Revengening. After that,

Cinema Eclectica 216 – Beheaded by Duck

Last week’s director’s lottery came out with Jonathan Glazer, so this week Rob, Aidan and Graham sit down for the British maverick’s sci-fi psych-out “Under the Skin”. Scarlett Johansson, white transit van, Glasgow – you know the drill. A special Off the Shelf, meanwhile, sees