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The Geek Show - S15E16 - Klingon Santa is Coming to Town

S15E16 – Klingon Santa is Coming to Town

We’re back for arduous journey into the hinterlands of science and technology news to bring more strange tales and weird happenings. This time it’s Rob and Producer Rob captaining The Geek Show’s flagship as it navigates through the cackling of Amazon’s Alexa, fanatical Malaysian Apple

The Geek Show - S15E11 - Jason Voorhees Ate The Music Industry

S15E11 – Jason Voorhees Ate The Music Industry

Producer Rob and Mark are back with the last episode of The Geek Show for 2017! In the news this week, YouTube attempts to do a music subscription service (again), a Star Wars character popularity poll produces some disturbing Jar Jar-related results, San Francisco think

The Geek Show - S14E19 - Sunnycon 2017 Special

S14E19 – Sunnycon 2017 Special

It’s that time of the year again. People are converging on a famous stadium in Newcastle wearing the costumes of their heroes. There’s a tense atmosphere in the air as everyone waits for the action to start, but this is no game of football because

Cosplay Controversy at DragonCon

Cosplay has always closely courted controversy from sexism to consent to black face there has always been a plethora of drama following costuming. Once again cosplay is in the spotlight after these pair of cosplayers were seen this weekend just gone at DragonCon in Atlanta. This

Cosplay at Eurovision

Eurovision – the annual song contest that epitomizes everything camp and European about Europe. In previous years the contest has been dominated by the dulcet tones of the “Emerald Isle” and the modern era has seen several changes, including the introduction of more European countries (including island nations

Hartlepool United Fans Use The Force

It’s near end of season and among the pageantry of surprise champions and fallen giants, few things can be a constant (aside from Sunderland’s attempts to escape relegation). One long-standing tradition is the annual Hartlepool United final away game mass cosplay. We’ve seen some spectacular