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Halloween Special – Cinema Eclectica 228

It’s our Halloween special, and the only horror film in cinemas involves a phone app that kills you. That’s as good a reason as any to do “The Last Black Man In San Francisco”, Joe Talbot’s warmly received debut. It is not, as you may

Cinema Eclectica 188 – Christmas Special 2018

The fire is lit, the mulled wine has been dished out and the word of the week is ‘picaresque’. It’s an Eclectica Christmas party alright, with Aidan, Sarah, Rob and Graham falling hard for Boots Riley’s debut “Sorry to Bother You”. Granted that’s not very

The Royal Tenenbaums

Reputations are a slippery thing, and directors sometimes start their career with one that completely contradicts the one they get later. The French critics who would come to damn Spielberg as the McDonalds of cinema had previously swooned over the existential spareness of Duel. Likewise,