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The Geek Show - Press X - E3 2018

PX29 – E3 Roundup 2018

There’s more Press X than you can shake a stick it and a whole lot more games to talk about as Andy, Rob and Producer Rob tackle the biggest show in the video game calendar – E3! With a massive number of titles being announced

The Geek Show - Press X - E3 2018

PX28 – Dreams and Expectations: E3 2018

E3 has just begun so Mark and Producer Rob take a flight of fancy and postulate, peruse and ponder on the possibilities that will be showcased at this annual cavalcade of video games. Join us as we adopt our best “Thinker” poses, flex our thumbs

S10E24 – E3 2015 Special

The Electronic Entertainment Expo – or E3 as it’s more widely known – is the biggest week in the video games calendar for a number of reasons, but 2015 will be particularly remembered as the year of “how the hell did they major news like

Bit Panel 14 – Gotta Go Fast

No matter how fast you can get through a game you can be guaranteed there’s someone out there who is quicker – but what happens when you go so fast that you effectively break the game? On this week’s speedy episode we’re taking a look

S10E15 – Modern Legends

On this week’s episode we take a look at some of the things that could become legendary in the future. Join us as we dive into a world of movie quotes, videogame and anime characters, special moves and more. Reviews – Titan Souls (PC), Mortal

Bit Panel 05 – The HD Remake of the Remake

In this week’s high definition episode we take a look at the current trend of HD remakes in video games. Is it really necessary to update an old game so it can work better with current technology, or shoudl these titles be left to the

Bit Panel 04 – It’s Not Supposed To Do That

Someone spilled our jar of glitching powder so this week’s episode features poor collision detection, moving sideways instead of forwards, grammatammatically incorrect dialogue, and a whole bunch of other unintentional wierdness that can be found in video games. Meanwhile Ben shows of his kickflips in OlliOlli

COMPETITION – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

THIS COMPETITION HAS CLOSED We’ve got another nice little giveaway for all you lovely people. This time we have THREE PC download codes for the full game of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – so you too can enjoy some neon-soaked ultra-violence. In order to