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Keyframe 139 – Massive Robots Fights Are All You Need

The Hollywood adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s hit manga Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm), is out in cinemas, and by all reports it’s doing some decent business. Join Tucky and Rob as they discuss the film that James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez have created, the implications of

The Wall

Thankfully not a film about Trump’s intentions regarding the US/Mexico border, The Wall is, in fact, a tense, psychological war movie from director Doug Liman. The Wall is essentially a three-hander (though in truth the vast chunk of its running time sees it operate more

S10E09 – So You Want To Be A Hero

What does it take to be a hero? Do you have to be the last member of a dead alien race, be bitten by a radioactive/genetically engineered insect, exposed to a specific type of radiation or given a special serum? Is it something that you