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Orchestra Rehearsal

‘Orchestra Rehearsal’ saw Federico Fellini strip back his surreal tendencies and channelled his energy into something more tangible and less wild. Released in 1978, ‘Orchestra Rehearsal’ is set in one, large, barren hall. A wry voice-over explains that this place was once the burial site

Agatha Christie: Nice Mysteries, Shame About the Prejudice

Agatha Christie has a certain reputation. If you’ve never read her books, you might associate her with twee, cozy, country mysteries featuring genteel and civilised murderers who delicately despatch their victims, perhaps a body in a library, the kind of coffee-table read favoured by older

A Special Day

To see a film open with 10 minutes of historical footage of Hitler and his pre-World War II rallies, without a hint of irony or lazy short-hand, is a little disconcerting. It’s unconventional to see such a villain of modern history portrayed without any filter,