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100% Dinge Gotham – Cinema Eclectica 225

This week Mick, Graham and Aidan take a dark voyage into the twisted mind of Batman’s greatest enemy Clownface McGinty in Todd Phillips’s “Joker”. It’s weathered all sorts of controversy – interview walk-outs, copycat violence panics, coming from the director of Due Date – but

St Valentine’s Day Massacre

There are a lot of people who found success in their mid 20s, and I am usually jealous of them. But even I draw the line at Al Capone, despite admiring how he rose to the top of Chicago’s busiest criminal enterprise by age 26.

Pick of the Geek – Kelis Kaleidoscope

Before her milkshake caused impromptu gatherings at yards across the world, Kelis made her debut with this 2000 album, produced and chiefly written by the then-little-known duo of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.  Kaleidoscope is obviously of a piece with the late-90s hip-hop and R&B