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4-Panel 116 – Arm The Sneeze Torpedoes

It’s time for more comic-book and manga fun, and big things seem to be happening for DC this week with the announcement that the road may be ending for the DCEU and the arrival of Brian Michael Bendis – who finally leaves arch-rivals Marvel after

4-Panel 106 – Merry Batmus To All!

Aside from the fact that Medusa’s hair will only last one episode in the Inhumans TV series, there’s some whitewashing controversy in Hellyboy and Warner Bros. want to make movies about the Joker. Our featured book and comics are Ultimate Marvel, MULP: Sceptre of the

4-Panel 82 – Phantom of the Neckbeard

With the new Batman movie in even more trouble, we get a triple-whammy with the news that Hellboy 3 is officially dead in the water, one of our favourite comics is ending and ‘90s Image stalwart Youngblood is returning. Our featured comics and manga are

4-Panel 81 – Rise of the Planet of the Kevin Bacon’s

Strange tidings emerge from the gutters with Ben Affleck not wanting to play Batman, Mel Gibson tipped to direct Suicide Squad 2, and the graphic novelisation of Apple’s iTunes legal agreement? Our featured comics and manga are Night Post, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #14

4-Panel 46 – Call In The Masseuse!

It’s a pretty Spartan week in the news with the announcement of a sequel movie to Suicide Squad, an animated TV series follow-up to Big Hero 6 and a new comic-book series for Marvel’s Loki, so we used our spare time to relax and lounge

4-Panel Episode 45 – The Faeces Sandwich Of Comics

In a week where Deadpool in a strait-jacket and boxer shorts is strewn across a highway in Ohio, the strangest things to happen are DC’s plans for “Rebirth”. We also caught the trailer for season 2 of Daredevil, and other stuff happened as well. Our

COMPETITION – Wonderlands 2015

Time for another competition, and up for grabs are a collection glorious comics, graphic novels and art books that we picked up during our coverage of Wonderlands 2015 – Sunderland’s graphic novel expo – back in May. One lucky winner who will be chosen at

4-Panel 17 – Wonderlands 2015 Special Part 2

On this week’s episode we’re continuing our coverage of Wonderlands 2015 – Sunderland’s comic-book and graphic literature convention. As a special treat all of the comics featured this week (Plagued, Laptop Guy, The Blind, Maximum Alan, The Heather Ale, and Porcelain: A Gothic Fairytale), were