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The Geek Show - PX15 - Guardians of the Lego Kingdom

PX15 – Guardians of the Lego Kingdom

Controversial opinions and sandwich conspiracies ahoy on this latest episode of Press X. On the gaming side of things (that is what we’re all about after all), our bounty includes a load of LEGO (Worlds and City: Undercover), the strange Japanese school-based visual novel stylings

Deadlight: Directors Cut

Set in an apocalyptic 1986, Deadlight tells the tale of Randall Wayne, an introverted and slightly paranoid survivor trying to rejoin his loved ones in a world torn apart by zombies. From the destroyed streets of Seattle, through the crumbled underbelly of the city’s sewers,

S11E02 – Teaching and Learning

On this week’s episode we try to find out more about how things are taught and learned, and who actually bothers following tutorials anyway? Reviews – Disgaea Triple Play (3, 4 & D2 – PS3), LEGO: Jurassic World (PS4), Ronin (PC). This week’s news had

Bit Panel 19 – Rivals

On this week’s episode Dave does news, craig does Craig things and Ben gives us the lowdown on our featured game – the indie rogue-like RPG Rogue Legacy. We also rise up to the challenge of our rivals and finally the end of that particularly

S10E24 – E3 2015 Special

The Electronic Entertainment Expo – or E3 as it’s more widely known – is the biggest week in the video games calendar for a number of reasons, but 2015 will be particularly remembered as the year of “how the hell did they major news like

Bit Panel 18 – E3 2015 Special

On this week’s episode we’re focused on one thing only – E3! We discuss the highs and lows from each of the conferences, and offer our own unique perspective on the announcements made during the video game industry’s biggest week of the year. For more

Competition: Gone Home

THIS COMPETITION HAS CLOSED. Due to the unforseen technical issues that prevented the live broadcast on Sunday the 13th of June we have decided to extend the competition. The new closing date is now Sunday the 20th of June at 18:30 pm (GMT). This week