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Voice of the Moon

By an odd coincidence, 1990 saw the release of two films called Voice of the Moon, one of which saw the beginning of a directorial career, the other saw the end of it. The first was a short documentary by Richard Stanley about his travels

Sweet Bean [An]

DW Griffith once complained that the ‘modern’ Hollywood movie (he was speaking in 1947, though the trend has not reversed since) lacked “the beauty of moving wind in the trees, the little movements in a beautiful flowing of the blossoms”.  He might have been impressed by

Burroughs: The Movie

Howard Brookner was a film student at NYU with Jim Jarmusch and Tom DiCillo when he made a low-budget observational documentary about the most groundbreaking and original American writer of the 20th century, William S Burroughs.  It should have been the start of a career

Only Lovers Left Alive

Dead Man and Ghost Dog saw Indie favourite Jim Jarmusch bring his quirky idiosyncrasies to more traditionally visceral genres. Ghost Dog is worlds away from a traditional Yakuza or Gangster film and the same is true for Dead Man with westerns. His 12th legitimate feature