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The Gate

Laika films have a remarkable position in modern cinema, not only are they keeping the wonder of stop-motion animation alive for the next generation, much like Aardman here in the UK, but they are also being the flag bearer for gateway movies. Between Paranorman, Coraline,

The Howling

Joe Dante is a beloved man, his films are among the most humble and darkly funny the genre world has to offer. His work is the point which light and dark intersect within the horror and science fiction cannons. That is true save for the

The Lady from Shanghai

Orson Welles once claimed he only saw thrillers as a means to an end, that if it wasn’t for the unfortunate necessity of getting films funded he wouldn’t have made any. As if to demonstrate this, he would often tell a story about the genesis

Cinema Eclectica 74 – Ultimate 1980’s Bingo Card

Our Directors Lottery has its 2nd outing and we couldn’t be happier with the result. In Off The Shelf we look at the 1993 existential noir “Suture”, Tarkovsky’s legendary debut “Ivan’s Childhood”, Pasolini’s “Pigsty” and intense political documentary “Citizenfour”. Our Featured film and second director