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Keyframe 126 – Bishounen Mutants

Things get a bit contentious this week because Tucky went to see Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, and now he’s got to convince Producer Rob – who is notorious for his hatred of things like Teen Titans Go! And Ready Player One – to

Keyframe 122 – The Power of Friendship Compels You!

Kicking things off this week is the news that Disney and Pixar are facing another copyright lawsuit involving Inside Out. Aside from that it’s time for us to recommend some titles from the Spring 2018 season of anime, which include Golden Kamuy, Megalobox, Uma Musume:

Kadokawa Expands Further

In recent weeks we’ve seen Japanese publisher Kadokawa acquire YenPress and place a significant investment in anime streaming site Crunchyroll, but it doesn’t stop there. Just days ago the company bought an 80% share in Dark Souls developers “From Software” in a deal to be

Keyframe 45 – Chairman Meow’s Little Red Bowl

This week we dive right in to a heap of trailers including Ice Age, April and the Extraordinary World, and Rudolf the Black Cat. In other news, Kadokawa are planning an 88-stop anime-themed “pilgrimage” for tourists and Oxford University release a Vocaloid textbook (of sorts).