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The Final Master

In interviews, Jackie Chan has admitted again and again that he prefers working in Hong Kong over America, he has stated that in his native Hong Kong the camera is an observer in any action scene, watching the events take place, allowing the performers to

Brotherhood of Blades

It’s not the language barrier, nor the theatrics and flamboyance, no, the biggest cross for martial arts cinema to bear is context. As a Westerner, many of the nuances of Eastern history allude me, unfortunately, its those very nuances that the historical martial arts film

Cinema Eclectica 45 – Gasper No Way!

This week we catch up with the latest episode of Hollywood’s constant efforts to outdo itself in the crap stakes. As ever, Off the Shelf is a mixed bag with our continuing eaxmination of Arrow’s recent box set with “Hellbound: Hellraiser 2” and Second Run’s