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4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 32 – Free Comic Book Day 2019

The first Saturday of May has passed, and as is traditional the 4-Panel gang take a break from their usual shenanigans to pan for gold in the river of free comic books. So what nuggets (golden or otherwise), did Andrew and the back-from-overseas Rob find?

4-Panel 139 – Free Comic Book Day 2018

It’s a special day for comic-book fans. A time when rich and poor alike can enjoy the antics of superheroes and villains together … until the inevitable fight over the last free issue of whatever’s popular at the time. That’s right. It’s Free Comic-Book Day

4-Panel 56 – Free Comic Book Day 2016 (Part 2)

After making it half way out from under the big pile of comics we had to take a short breather before we started round two of our FBCD Special. Our featured comics and manga Overstreet’s Comic Book Marketplace featuring The Spirit, Serenity, the Attack on