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The Geek Show - Maanderig Mic Trap

Meandering Mic with Egor Gurjev (Playkey)

Video games streaming services aren’t a new thing, but historically they’ve operated on a centralised structure – with greater or lesser success! With the advent of Block Chain technology, Playkey is looking to change the way we think about video games streaming services, and if

Death Road to Canada

You run for your life, throwing open a wooden door, throw yourself through it and then slam the door behind you. Looking around you see a lone zombie, shambling his way towards you. You grab your weapon; a golf club you secured from the last

COMPETITION – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

THIS COMPETITION HAS CLOSED We’ve got another nice little giveaway for all you lovely people. This time we have THREE PC download codes for the full game of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – so you too can enjoy some neon-soaked ultra-violence. In order to