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The Geek Show S03E17 – Doki Doki Special 2011

Originally broadcast in 2011. This week on the Geek Show we head over to Manchester to cover the delightful Doki Doki. A brilliant day was had by all. Interviews with the Manchester Steampunk Association. Taiko West. Organisers of the Lolita fashion show and the winner

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The Geek Show S03E13 – Henchmen

Originally broadcast in 2011. Welcome to the Geek Show’s third meeting of The Villain Appreciation Society! This time we’ll be discussing the hired help, in particular who should be you’re right (or left), hand man/woman/beast/thing/plant, why it’s important to have good help when enacting your plots

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The Geek Show S03E12 – Action Heroes

On this action packed episode of the Geek Show, we dive through windows, kick down doors, find out where the best weapons are, and walk slowly away from explosions. No, really. We weren’t just playing [insert action game here], honest… Okay, so we wanted to be

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The Geek Show S03E10 – Anti-Heroes

On this weeks episode of the Geek Show, we examine (i.e. argue with each other then go for a pint), the move away from the clean cut, whiter-than-white heroes. Join us as we take a look at the bad good guys, musicians who use “shock”

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The Geek Show S03E09 – Portraits of Women

In this episode of the Geek Show we discuss how women are portrayed in media. What makes a strong female character? How much ‘sexy’ is too much? And what is womanufacturing? Includes a Interview with Susan Arendt, Managing Editor of The Escapist magazine.

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The Geek Show S03E03 – Altogether Now!

Originally broadcast in 2011. This week on the Geek Show we discussed multiples, whether that’s multi-player or big old ensembles. Being a little bit more specific, the experience of playing multi-player games online, Karaoke, the portmanteau film and actors who have the canny knack of performing

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The Geek Show S03E02 – I want Sharks with Lasers!

Originally broadcast in 2011. On this edition of the show we amass for our second meeting of the villain appreciation society, in which we discuss the different between evil geniuses and mad scientists. What makes a good evil genius/mad scientist in a game? The Enigma that is” The

Space Battleship Yamato (2010)

This most illustrious of anime intellectual properties has a legacy stretching back to 1974, through various series and OVA spells. The Space Battleship Yamato is as influential in Japan as Star Trek is throughout the world; its importance is stellar to Japanese audiences.  Now receiving