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The Geek Show - PX30 - Are Google Making a Games Console

PX30 – Are Google Making a Games Console?

Everybody wants to get into video games, but rumour has it that perpetual late starters Google (think about it), are making their own console. So what does that mean for the manufacturers like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo? After our usual look at what we’ve been

S12E04 – Make It Up As We Go Along

This week we take a look at fictional sports and games – and believe us when we tell you there are a lot! Whether it’s from the imagination of Red Dwarf, The Simpsons, Terry Pratchett or Star Trek – everything else is Fizzbin. Reviews: This

Bitpanel 10 – Portable

The weather is getting pretty nice so it’s time to crawl out of our dark holes and venture outside – but not without taking a portable console with us. On this episode we look at the history of handheld consoles – from the original Nintendo