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The Geek Show - PX25 - How Much Of A Thing Is A Thing Site

PX25 – How Much Of A Thing Is A Thing?

After a long hiatus where we all left to travel and “find” ourselves, Press X returns in an altered format. On this return episode, join Mark, Andy and Producer Rob as they discuss the Megadrive Mini, controversy about Farcry 5, eye-tracking software and Minecraft, the

S11E21 – My, What A Big Apple You Have!

This week we venture into the orchard to find out why The Big Apple is so very, very … big. With a cast of oranges, bananas, plums and pears, join us as we discover the wonders of New York. Reviews – Minecraft: Story Mode (PS4)

COMPETITION – Minecraft: Story Mode

THIS COMPETITION HAS CLOSED! It’s time for the next competition! This week we’re giving away season pass discs for the Telltale Games adventure Minecraft: Story Mode and we have one copy for each of the following formats – PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One –