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The Geek Show - S15E19 - Jesus Has The Best Internet

S15E19 – Jesus Has The Best Internet

The Geek Show rolls into town once again on its never-ending quest to prove that sometimes the world is just a really weird place … This week Rob from Cinema Eclectica joins Producer (and man who ate soup while reading the news), Rob for another

4-Panel 132 – Everything is Game of Thrones

We may be a day late but that doesn’t mean we can’t tackle the comic book world with our usual class. That’s a perfect description of this show, isn’t it? In the news this week we discover that Ava DuVernay is being lined-up to direct

Song of the Sea

There is a problem in British Cinema and it’s the relationship with its own mythology and history; go to Korea, Japan, Scandinavia or India and you’ll find numerous movies, cartoons, comic books and other paraphernalia devoted to traditional folklore. British Cinema is more captivated by