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The Geek Show - Press X to Role Play

PX05 – Dark Knight & the Hundred Fantasies

It’s time for another episode of our very occasional video games podcast! With a full table we discuss “Final Fantasy XV” demos and the franchise at large, “Dark Souls III” and the evolution of From Software’s popular franchise, the HD remastering of “The Witch &

The Geek Show - S12E11 - Action Man's Shifty Eyes

S12E11 – Action Man’s Shifty Eyes

This week we dive into nostalgic waters looking browse through all sorts of toys from the 1980s to the present day. Along the way we discover the rights of the small man and the cynical nature of merchandising. Review: Stranger of Sword City (PS Vita)

S11E20 – The Big Smokey Wen

After a recent invasion of jellied eels and bowler hats we got the hint, so this week’s episode is all about London. Reviews – Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition (PS4), Rodea: The Sky Soldier (3DS) [No chimneysweeps, street urchins, royalty (pearly or otherwise), beefeaters, guards

PX01 – Tea Time Tales with Blazkowicz’s Heroes

Welcome to the pilot episode of The Geek Show’s new dedicated videogame podcast “Press X”. Okay, so it’s not our first video games podcast but we decided that we should approach the ever-changing world of games and gaming in a way that’s more suited to

S11E13 – Why Would They Hide The ‘Burbs?

This week we take a peek at the strange creatures that live in suburbia and the sometimes odd events that occur there before heading off to find out why inner cities are such a popular location for all sorts of things. Reviews – Lost Dimension

S11E12 – My Home Is My Castle

What makes a house, castle, secret lair, bunker or broom closet a home? Why do superheroes and supervillains need a place to hang their capes/cowls/masks/etc? Join us as we explore the places where where characters both super and otherwise can relax, watch TV, read a

S11E09 – Show Me What You’ve Got

This week we step into the super amazing world of announcements, trailers and other things used to let us know that something really exciting and awesome is on its way (cue the explosions). Reviews – Onechanbara Z2 Chaos (PS4) This week’s news is a grumpy

S11E08 – I Can Spell Anachronism!

This week we stepped out of our time zone to find the world had gone strange. Dinosaurs had been revived and now butlered while wearing monocles and top hats, everybody had a jetpack and a ray gun, and golf was now played with mortars and

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Danganronpa is a combination of the Japanese words “dangan” and “ronpa” – which translate as bullet and refutation respectively. Together with the subtitle “Trigger Happy Havoc”, it would be reasonable to assume that this title is some kind of anime-themed shooting game, but without a single gun in sight Danganronpa is

Bit Panel 03 – Community Management

The relationship between video games developers and fans is often confrontational as both sides tend to be quite but demanding but often find it difficult to communicate with each other. We find out more about the people who bridge the gap between the two, and