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The Geek Show - WWE 2K19 - MyPlayer And Ubiquitous Goofs

WWE 2K19 – MyPlayer And Ubiquitous Goofs

The latest addition to 2K’s long-running wrestling collaboration with WWE has arrived, and jaded fan Rob engages in another bout of wish-fulfilment. Join him as he investigates game modes both old and new, MyPlayer, character creation and more, all while fanboying ever so slightly over

The Geek Show - Episode 8 - Press X to be a Filthy Biscuit Eater

PX11 – X-Com’s Superdimension Eater

In a change to our regularly scheduled programming, we take a detour away from the adventures and decamp once more into the world of video games (Winter won this round but not the war). This time out we look at a swathe of games including

2 Sweet Wrestling 54 – Spelunking for Caveman

This week crosses all emotional levels as we get angry, upset and jubilant. Bet you can’t guess which is which. Join Jay and Rob as they look over the past week in wrestling including TNA’s potential swansong “Bound for Glory”, the ever inconsistent NXT and

2 Sweet Wrestling 48 – The HoHo Train

This week the 2 Sweet family of favourites gets a new member. Joining NXT and Lucha Underground’s Ultima Lucha Dos is WWE’s brilliant Cruiserweight Classic, in which we find some new favourites and the return of some of the boys. We also discuss WWE’s ability