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Nina Forever

After gaining a massive amount of praise at The British Independent Film Awards and Frightfest, it’s easy to see why Nina Forever – the directorial debut from The Blaine Brothers – distinctly carves out its identity through considered execution and challenging conventions.

The Geek Show’s Best Films of 2014

It’s not a new year here on the geek show without the obligatory best films of the year list, and we aren’t ones to disappoint. The past 12 months at cinemas for UK audiences haven’t exactly been memorable. This is especially true when one considers

Only Lovers Left Alive

Dead Man and Ghost Dog saw Indie favourite Jim Jarmusch bring his quirky idiosyncrasies to more traditionally visceral genres. Ghost Dog is worlds away from a traditional Yakuza or Gangster film and the same is true for Dead Man with westerns. His 12th legitimate feature

14 Movies for 2014

Last day of 2013 in review, this time the focus is one those titles in 2014 that are whetting our appetite. Before the meat of this article, it’s only fair to highlight the gap between the USA December release schedule and the UK’s is incredibly