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Mark Isaacs: Five Films, One Filmmaker

Second Run dropped a bombshell of a box set dedicated to the films of Marc Isaacs, a British documentary filmmaker known for creating closed-off, intimate films with a cast of many memorable and sometimes eccentric personalities. It doesn’t matter if his contributors are small time

Cold War

He’s a musician, or maybe a musicologist, lightly burdened by Marcello Mastroianni-style ennui, touring post-war Poland, barely introduced in an opening montage as one of two government-appointed scouts listening to a series of home-grown Polish folk music talent. Maybe he’s holding some auditions, maybe he’s

Cinema Eclectica 53 – The Dark Christ Rises!

This week we create our very own religion … honest. In Off the Shelf we look at acclaimed sci-fi indie darling “Coherence”, the Korean Naval War in “The Admiral: Roaring Currents”, and the early Paweł Pawlikowski documentary “Serbian Epics” before climaxing on sexy times with