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The Geek Show - Neo Cab - Emotionally Driven Cyberpunk Storytelling site

Neo Cab – Emotionally Driven Cyberpunk Storytelling

Hold on to humanity in a world overcome by automation. Lina is the last human driver-for-hire working on the streets of Los Ojos, having moved there to reconnect with her estanged best friend. When her friend and only lifeline has goes missing, Lina must earn

The Geek Show - Devil's Hunt - Infernally Formulaic

Devil’s Hunt – Infernally Formulaic

Developed by newcomers Layopi Games and based on the novel “Equilibrium” by Pawel Lesniak, Devil’s Hunt is a third-person action adventure where players will take on the role of Desmond – the arrogant son of a rich entrepreneur. After seemingly losing everything – including his

The Geek Show - The Sojourn

The Sojourn – Only Puzzlers Need Apply

The Sojourn takes the player into a mysterious land where light will guide them forward, but it’s not long until the numerous challenges are revealed, and the player must overcome these intricate and ever more demanding obstacles in order to uncover the nature of reality.

The Geek Show - Mutazione

Mutazione – Swamp Opera? Consider us Fans!

Mutazione is a new indie game from developer Die Gute Fabrik and publisher Akupara Games, both of whom have described “Swamp Opera”. How cool is that? Very, that’s how. Players will take on the role of Kai as she arrives in the mysterious community of