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In 1999, Hideo Nakata’s gloomy horror masterwork, Ring, popularised a wave of horror films from Japan that took the world by storm under the banner of J-Horror. J-Horror, like any genre or movement, has its line-up of standards and tropes, with the harsh digital look

Dark Water

In a newly recorded interview, director Hideo Nakata not only talks about his rise through the studio system and his break directing the original Ring, he also talks about Dramatic Horror. Such a notion is only given credibility by the art-house, independent and marginalized, even

LFF 2016: Creepy

Kiyoshi Kurosawa is no stranger to 2016, already his previous film, Journey to the Shore, saw release on Masters of Cinema and that charming albeit misunderstood film took a fascinating posture on saying goodbye to the dearly departed. His second film of the year debuted