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The Defiant Ones

This summer, you might have already seen two very different people, chained together, forced to co-operate in order to escape their captivity. They even climbed out of a mud-pit; if you weren’t thinking about The Defiant Ones (about two chain-gang prisoners, one white and one

The Yakuza

Sydney Pollack’s 1974 neo-noir The Yakuza is one of those films that leaves you wondering what the hell was wrong with the cinema-going public and film critics of the day. Performing poorly at the box office and receiving (at best) mixed reviews, this east-meets-west thriller

The Friends of Eddie Coyle

Cinema has long been entrenched in its romanticism and mythologising of the career criminal, like previous generations fascinations with warriors or pirates there has been a historical fascination with those not bound by our day-to-day rules. Long story short, these archetypes have evolved into marketable