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Uzumasa Limelight

Few genres associated closely with a nation have lasted as long as the samurai has for Japan, most follow the path of the Western in that they had a golden era with occasional hot pockets after the fact. The latest film to be released on

[Raindance ’15] Obon Brothers

Media that peers behind the curtain has provided the world of cinema with countless icons and classics. There’s something about sharing in the highs and lows of a world so close yet so alien from our recognisable reality that has made it such a rich

Exit (2014)

The appearance of new film distributors in the UK is a significant occasion, especially when they are dealing exclusively with Asian cinema. The birth of Facet Films brings with it new possibilities, one of which is Chienn Hsiang’s directorial début – Exit. With this film

Fuku-Chan of Fuku Fuku Flats

Yosuke Fujita (Quirky Guys and Gals & Fine, Totally Fine), writes and directs his latest film with an enviable simplicity and universality – that film is the awkwardly titled Fuku-Chan of Fuku-Fuku Flats. In which the titular Fuku-Chan is a portly 30-something man contented by

Be My Baby

Those who harp on about how awful soap operas are and how the trifecta of Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Eastenders are suffocating TV schedules should spare a thought for people of a similar disposition in Japan. The industry of the soap opera is much bigger

Cinema Eclectica 21 – Hey, Hey – Man Tears!

It’s a slow news week because Cannes has rolled around again, but we give it the old college try anyway. In “Off the Shelf” we discuss Fritz Lang’s silent classic Frau Im Mond before discovering the strange wonders of  Second Run’s Polish Cinema Collection Volume

Han Gong-Ju

The Korean New Wave was defined by three directors, Kim Jee-Woon, Park Chan-Wook, and Bong Joon-Ho. With the three being courted to foreign climes the international stature of this national wave of cinema has atrophied. Korean cinema isn’t the cool new thing it used to