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Classic Film Kid: To Kill a Mockingbird

hello everyone, and welcome to another review from the Classic Film Kid! Today we are looking at the 1962 adaptation of Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill A Mockingbird. This film is implied to be set during the Great Depression around the early 1930s and follows

Classic Film Kid: 2001: Space Odyssey

SPOILERS AHEAD Hi guys, it’s the Classic Film Kid here, and with the 5th entry in my reviewing blog, we are taking a step into the mind of Stanley Kubrick. Even though he is a very stripped-back guy (surprising, I know), I am absolutely positive

The Other

Horror is an incredibly cyclical beast; the current cycle is a mix between the perpetual zombie and haunted house films. One of the more pre-eminent historical cycles is the bad seed, or to give it a more common lexicon – scary kids. The 1960s and