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Cinema Eclectica 69 – Musical Special

We’ve talked about it for it a long time and now it’s here – our musical special – but true to classic Eclectica form this isn’t like other musical specials. After a brief discussion of “A Hologram for the King” we dedicate the whole show

Expresso Bongo

Let us imagine the pitch: a hotshot young writer and a director whose career spans groundbreaking horror, gritty drama and sexploitation decide to make a musical. But not just any musical – this would be a musical powered by stage performances, rather than the familiar

The Day the Earth Caught Fire

Given the recent unseasonably warm spell and the continuing discourse on global Warming, Val Guest’s 1961 sci-fi drama The Day the Earth caught fire – fresh from the BFI archive – takes on an eerily prescient quality. First Guest and Wolf Mankowitz’s London suffers an